Qi Gong Classes

A large number of Qi Gong styles are practiced today. Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Some people see Qi Gong as the oldest Martial Art. Even though there is no physical contact in Qi Gong exercise, a Martial Artist has to cultivate his or her own Qi before engaging with others.

Qi Gong will help you recognize the restrictions in your body and restore the free flow of blood and interstitial fluids for a proper function of vital cells and the immune system. It can help you find a way of moving with ease through your busy day, remove those stumble stones and take out the kinks.

Unlike Tai Ji, the Qi Gong exercises are quick to learn. Most poses or exercises are done in a standing posture, are easy to remember and you can do them anytime during the day on your own. Even the slightest movement done with a "Qi Gong" intention will transform your daily routine and improve you health. I will explain this concept during class. Especially for cancer patients Qi Gong has been proven to be a vital part of the healing process. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19880433

These are the styles I will cover:

  • Chan Si Gong focuses on upper body for neck and shoulder tension. These are very easy to do exercises even sitting at a desk.

  • Ba Gua and Tian Gang are all around upper and lower body strengthening exercises

  • Wu Xing is based on the 5 Element system and will strengthen your Yin Organ Metabolism and achieve hormonal balance. It is an excellent way of understanding more about Chinese Medical Theory.


Classes are held at the Nature Works Clinic, so space is limited to 6 to 7 per class for now, but please spread the word and we will make an effort to accommodate everyone. In addition there will be a free weekly sitting Meditation Class which will be announced in a separate invitation. If there is interest, we could also combine 30 min of Qi gong and/or simple yoga exercises with Meditation. Once it gets nicer outside (I know it will be a while) I will be doing classes outside on the large Marina Dock.