Our Mission

Our Mission at NatureWorks Acupuncture is to utilize the therapeutic effects of Chinese Medicine to strengthen your abilities to achieve a natural healing process. Research shows that Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture have powerful effects on many medical conditions. The combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs as well as Tui Na medical massage, Qi Gong and Nutrition deliver a comprehensive approach to health.

Making Chinese Medicine Work for You

We recognize that you are individual and that you need an individual approach to achieve your best health. Chinese Medical Pulse and Tongue diagnosis (among a multitude of other techniques) offers a true understanding of the root of your health problems. Rather than treating your symptoms we can achieve a long lasting change in your physical and mental constitution by recognizing the basis of the problem and balancing your individual metabolic homeostasis. Chinese Medicine could be summarized by this statement: “Only through the balance of YIN and YANG can you achieve the absence of disease."

The Clinic

We are located at the beautiful Liberty Bay Marina in Poulsbo, Washington. Come and relax at one of the most scenic waterfront sites in the Northwest. Our clinic is newly remodeled and every treatment room has a view of the water. Take 5 minutes out of your busy life and enjoy a stroll on the beach at the marina and waterfront park on your visit. Let the beach sunshine rejuvenate your Yang in the most powerful way nature intended.

The Treatment

If you have never had Acupuncture before, your will be surprised how relaxing it is. CHOOSE YOUR OWN MUSIC and feel all the pressure and worries fall away. We offer a multitude of Acupuncture styles including Chinese and Japanese styles that are individualized for your needs. Only at NatureWorks Acupuncture you can experience the combination of Acupuncture, Massage, Herbs, Scientific Nutritional Advice and Qi Gong exercises. Come as your are and leave changed!