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Dr. Richter has focused, gently and with precision, on the conditions that I have brought to his attention; his manner has been comforting and his work has been highly effective.
— Paul
The burn cream you put on my sunburn worked really well. Next day the burn in the middle of my back was almost gone.

You have been a teacher and guide to me also. You have motivated me and inspired me during a period of great personal challenge. Your kind support and guidance has made all the difference Thomas.

Enjoy the sunshine!
— Carina

Every time I walk out of a session at NatureWorks I feel as though I am floating...neck pain gone. When I go to regular sessions my overall, daily energy improves. The herbs that are prescribed are truly helpful. Great experience! --Amada

Hans Thomas Richter is Just Whom I Needed on My Road to Recovery, Healing and and My Total Sense of Wellness! Although the word 'Amazing' is oft times overused, I must say that he has Amazed me! He is Amazing! Without receiving input from me( is anything going on?
He asked.), He Determined the most intense Area of Pain to be addressed and treated with Acupuncture. This is a Consistent Truth. The atmosphere is Beautiful, too! I thoroughly enjoy the View of the Poulsbo Marina! -- Marian


Thank you very much for your kind medical care today. Both Dick and I admire you greatly and we feel most fortunate that you are our doctor. I found the grass fed bones and meat at Central Market and will cook a yummy broth today. Again, thank you. Sincerely Jeannette


My husband (who doesn't use the net so I'm writing this at his behest) has been seeing Hans-Thomas for four weeks for pain from osteoarthritis and his pain has lessened considerably and he is often-pain free from the acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine given by Hans-Thomas. He highly recommends this caring, gentle practitioner. 

- Linda

Ulcerative Colitis - I am so pleased with the results of working with Dr Hans-Thomas Richter! I came to his practice in June frustrated with traditional medicine since I had no relief from my symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis since February, the start of my flare up. I was open to the use of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, but he had my full attention when he read my pulses . He hit on several current problems by listening to my pulses, things I had not mentioned. I willingly stopped all other medications and supplements to give the Herbs a chance. I also willingly went on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to begin to clean up my digestive tract. It is now September and i have been symptom free for almost a month. We never really appreciate our Health until it is compromised,..and I am now so Grateful for my returning Health and Comfort. There is no doubt in my mind that the combination of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and the diet have healed me. I recommend his practice to you .


I began going to Thomas Richter quite by accident. My sister is an acupuncturist and an herbalist. I really did not know much about Chinese medicine but tended to be prejudice against it and pro Hawaiian and American herbs and other methods for getting better.

I have been in several auto accidents and have had ulcerative colitis for about twenty years.

My regular doctor was also working at SIOM for a short time and while there I went to her and met other doctors. I heard that one Chinese Doctor was also a MD, who was excellent, so I went to her. She was working with Thomas and because of that, Thomas contacted me telling me that his specialty was digestive problems. I then made a decision to go to Thomas for treatment.

Oh My Gosh!!! Thomas is so open minded, so kind, so caring, so intelligent and so optimistic. He read everything I gave him on the subject of Colitis and even experimented with it. After a short time I couldn’t believe it. I could eat everything and still not have an attack. He would listen to me and proceed with caution. Then, because of my not continuing for a time (my brother was very ill and even passed away), I fell back into my rut. I went back again but not weekly so I am back to square one.

Do I recommend Thomas??? No doubt about it. What a nice man, doctor, human being. If I had continued, I might be 100% today. He did it all without herbs! Must of boosted my immune system to a point that I could digest better.

Thomas is not ordinary, he is extraordinary!!!
— Bonnie
Thomas steered me to full recovery from a challenging spinal condition that others were convinced required surgical intervention. Thomas is an astute listener, a confident practitioner and a compassionate guide in the journey that is healing. His Chinese herbal medicine practice augments his precise needlework, providing an additional dimension to his impressive toolkit. I could not recommend him more highly.
— Michelle

I have had two pain-free and very healing sessions with Thomas and can recommend him highly.  The Chinese herbal blend he has prescribed for me is also working wonders.

Thought I’d reconnect you in case you did not get one of his business cards at Green Drinks.   His water view office at Liberty Bay Marina is absolutely charming, too.

Here’s to a New Year & renewed health! -- Lisa



Thomas Richter is an amazing healer. In his quiet, simple and kind manner, he has my body feeling better than it has for years and is instilling in me the confidence to come off a medicine I've been on a long time. My friends wish I would quite talking about him, already! Do your body a favor and go see this wonderful, wise practitioner. --Suzanne


I developed silent re-flux this summer.  I tried raising the head of my bed, eating a high alkaline diet and various supplements.  Still, the problem persisted.  The doctors at my clinic advised drugs which I found unacceptable.  With a family history of throat cancer and being a former smoker, I was getting desperate.  Cooking and eating had gone from being a pleasure to a chore.  Dining out and traveling became very difficult.   When I found the Nature Works website and learned that Hans specialized in digestive disorders, I made an appointment right away.  By the second session my long standing throat pain and trouble swallowing completely abated.  I have been able to eat normally without relapse.  I also appreciate Hans' positive outlook and confidence which, I suspect, contributed to my healing nearly as much as the needles and herbs.