Now combat brain-fog and heart aging with Stem Cell Therapy in Kitsap

Its not just disease and stress that causes us to age prematurely but the simple decline in numbers and quality of our stem cells. Now you can combat brain-fog and aging with Stem Cell Therapy in Kitsap County! Why wait until you get the heart attack? Keep your heart healthy and prevent the #1 diseae that kills. Regenerative Medicine is the key to longevity! We offer comprehensive wellness packages to combat aging!

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Rejuvenating Stem Cell Therapy now available in Kitsap County!

Not all bank accounts are created equal.  Some people are able to enjoy health and longevity despite very unhealthy lifestyles, while other people may enjoy neither robust health nor longevity despite healthy lifestyles. In other words, some people are able to “spend” their stem cells more extravagantly than others, simply because they have more to spend. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, where both the length and the quality of our lives may be influenced to some degree by our choice of lifestyle. Environmental factors also play a key role in determining how rapidly one’s “bank account” of (adult) stem cells is depleted. However, even under ideal circumstances, stem cells continually diminish with age.

Our stem cells exist in every part of the body to repair damage, such as from broken bones, a paper cut, radiological or chemical exposure, etc., all of which require stem cells for healing. You may draw on your bank account at any time, whenever you need to do so, until you run out of stem cells. As your “bank account” of stem cells approaches zero, physiological healing will become increasingly difficult, until finally it ceases altogether.

This is were rejuvenating Stem Cell Therapy comes in. We get you back on track. Help repair damaged body parts, reduce inflammation, fix your digestions and help you live pain free and longer!


Autism now fully treatable with Stem Cell Therapy in Kitsap County


Autism is now fully curable with stem cells therapy in record time. Essentially all inflammatory markers like TNFalpha and IL-6 are reduced by 75% and more. This resets the autoimmune chronic inflammatory response, regulates digestion and behavior...

Here is a publication on a recent study. Today we have much better and safe stem cell available!

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Virtual Chinese Medicine Consultation

Schedule your Virtual Chinese Medicine Consultation here! No need to come into the office. We will setup a consultation time on the same day, intake all your medical history and provide you with a proper Chinese Medicine Diagnosis. We will then mail your Herbal Formula directly to your home and provide you with all other necessary nutritional and other health advice to get you back on track! 

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Complete Stroke Recovery Program In Kitsap County

We now offer complete Stroke Recovery Program In Kitsap County. The combination of Stem Cell Therapy and Chinese Medicine now treats and speeds up the recovery of an Ischemic Stroke.  Trials concluded that rtPA and stem cells given within 6 hours of a stroke significantly increased the odds of being alive and independent at final follow-up, particularly in patients treated within 3 hours. No matter how far along the stroke recovery, brain repair can be stimulated.  


Golf Legend Bernhard Langer receives Acupuncture treatment from Natureworks

Bernhard Langer with has 62 career PGA wins and recently won his 10th senior major. An achievement that no other professional golfer has done before him. Hans-Thomas had the privilege to meet Bernhard, a fellow German country man, at the Boeing classic 2017. The Golf legend received two acupuncture treatments from Hans-Thomas during that week and we spend time together on the Golf course. It was an honor to be able to meet Bernhard and watch his impressive practice regiment. Success comes from hard and dedicated work!

Hans-Thomas with son Lukas (left) and Bernhard Langer at the Boeing Classic

Hans-Thomas with son Lukas (left) and Bernhard Langer at the Boeing Classic

Natural Knee and Joint Repair with Stem Cell Therapy in Kitsap County

Now you can avoid costly and painful artificial joint replacements. Even if the Osteo-arthritis condition is advanced there is always some natural cartilage left in the joint. Cartilage has limited repair capabilities: Because chondrocytes are bound in a small space, they cannot migrate to damaged areas. Therefore, cartilage damage is difficult to heal. Also, because hyaline cartilage does not have a blood supply, the deposition of new matrix is slow. The Stem Cells Tissue source we use is ideal for the the restoration of damaged or arthritic joints. Adipose tissue stem cells, cortisone injections, and other medicines offer a temporary cure for some of these injuries or diseases; while amniotic stem cells have the capability to restore the regenerative tissue and bone back to its original condition. One of the prime components of amniotic stem cell therapy is the hyaluronic acid that is known to lubricate your joints and tendons, easing pain and restoring your mobility. Several weeks after injection of the amniotic stem cells a significant improvement in cartilage growth, ligament and tendon stability can be noticed.

In addition, the stem cell therapy provides a natural boost of cartilage growth due to the inclusion of over 200 growth factors and cytokines that stimulate cellular regeneration. 

Hyaline Cartilage; source Robert M. Hunt

Hyaline Cartilage; source Robert M. Hunt

Cartilage provides a cushion and lubrication between the knee joint. with age this cushion erodes and causes more friction and pain. stem cells will allow the re-growth of this natural tissue.

Cartilage provides a cushion and lubrication between the knee joint. with age this cushion erodes and causes more friction and pain. stem cells will allow the re-growth of this natural tissue.