Digestive Health Counceling Kitsap County

Chinese Medicine recognizes that a well functioning digestion is at the center of your health. Your digestion is like the engine of your car. It is responsible for Qi, Nutrition and Blood to your organs and muscles. 

Interestingly, Digestive Health isn’t usually the reason that people come to an Acupuncture treatment, but when going through the medical history, it usually comes up. The sad thing is that most people live with digestive problems when in TCM they are relatively easy to fix with a little treatment ,nutritional counseling and some tips on how to help support and strengthen our digestions.

Untreated Digestive Problems don't usually get better by themselves and can end up in Chronic Gastritis, Ulcers and serious intestinal disorders such as Diverticulitis and Colits. When the Spleen is weak, we see prolapse of organs (uterus, bladder, stomach), prolapse of the vagina as well as things like hemorrhoids (prolapse of the anus, PLUS bleeding also attributed to the Spleen).

We live in a Spleen deficient culture. We are constantly taking in information, and that information has to be processed by, you guessed it, the Spleen. We eat in front of the TV (taking in food, and stimulus at the same time), we are constantly looking at our mobile devices on the road and wherever we go, and we are always multitasking. Never doing just one thing at a time. And thus, we are overloading our poor Spleen.

Here are a few easy tips to help you get started on your own.

- Eat regular warm meals and avoid cold drinks!

- Eat mindful and chew your food!

- Eat according to the seasons!