Acupuncture for Labor and Industry Accident claims in Kitsap County, L&I


Good news!  L & I is beginning the process to add East Asian Medicine Practitioners as approved providers to serve injured workers in WA State!! We received confirmation from Leah Hole-Marshall, L&I -Medical Administrator, that they are going to proceed with policy options for adding acupuncture for low back pain as a covered L&I service. This will initiate the agency rulemaking process. They will submit a CR 101 soon to start the official regulatory process. 

































Dear WEAMA Members,

Good news!  L & I is beginning the process to add East Asian Medicine Practitioners as approved providers to serve injured workers in WA State!

We received confirmation from Leah Hole-Marshall, L&I -Medical Administrator, that they are going to proceed with policy options for adding acupuncture for low back pain as a covered L&I service. This will initiate the agency rulemaking process. They will submit a CR 101 soon to start the official regulatory process. The process may take some more time but the patient can start requestion acupuncture treatments for their claims.

Chinese Medicine and Non-Violent Communication in Kitsap

Hans-Thomas has received extensive training in Non-Violent Communication based on Marshall Rosenberg's 4 step technique and principle of mediation. Understanding Patients is our utmost goal at Natureworks Acupuncture. We strive to improve communication to achieve the best results during the "healing" process. Understanding ones basic needs is the also the basis of communication.

We just want to bring to your attention this free workshop where you can learn more about NVC.


If you want to learn more you can visit the Center for NVC website

How does Acupuncture work? A new understanding of Pain treatment in Kitsap county!

How does Acupuncture work?

The easiest way to understand Acupuncture is in the the treatment of pain. After an injury the pain signals from the peripheral nervous system reach the central nervous system and there are specific pain areas established in the brain involved in chronic pain. According the gate theory a complex interplay of periferal and central nervous system is initiated. A neurogenic "highway" is established between the brain and the site of injury. It is the brains' job to "protect" the area of concern and start a healing process. However this process is often COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE due to failure of the repair process. The Acupuncture breaks this highway and down regulates the inflammatory process. Needles are not locally inserted into the pain areas but in corresponding "distal" locations. When this process is repeated several times in course of weeks or month, the pain center in the brain reverses and disappears and so does the chronic pain.

When answering this complex question one has to keep in mind what conditions are being treated. No condition stands on its own and everything is connected as a whole body!

Traditional Chinese medicine explains Acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force — known as Qi— believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in your body. By inserting needles into specific points along these meridians, acupuncture practitioners believe that your energy flow will re-balance.

In contrast, many Western practitioners view the acupuncture points as places to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue. This stimulation appears to boost the activity of your body's natural process to inhibit pain, regulated the immune system and increase blood flow.

At Natureworks Acupuncture, we practice the "Balance Method" which is based on I-Ching Acupuncture theory. I-Ching theory explains how life unfolds through origin, growth and completion. Humans are part an inseparable trinity of heaven, human and earth forming the universe. Yin and Yang is the binary system and its this theory forms the Early Heaven Ba Gua, the structure of the 8 trigrams.which form a perfect numerological system of opposites. This system ultimately led to the well known 5 phases or Wu Xing and directly applies to the human body as part of the " Universal Supreme Ultimate" or Tai Ji.

At Natureworks Acupuncture we strongly believe that these systems of opposites ultimately reflect the balances of Yin and Yang. The state of disease is Qi stagnation caused by imbalances of Yin and Yang. Targeting specific Yin and Yang Meridians in opposites of (eg. foot - hand, ankle -wrist, knee - elbow) and distal relationships is the ultimate and original form of Acupuncture as described in the Nei Jing Su Wen.

In simple terms by treating the balancing points on the corresponding Meridians the normal Qi flow is restored. Qi and Blood can get to the area or organ of concern and healing is initiated.

How Food controls Autoimmune Diseases - Nutritional Counceling in Kitsap

Autoimmune Diseases and The Food we put in our Bodies are tightly linked. Much Research now shows the integrate relationship of food toxins and the "Leaky Gut" phenomenon. However keep in mind that Everyone is different! Only Chinese Medicine has Nutritional Programs available tailored to your individual constitution.

Watch this excellent VIDEO

provieded by Kieran Jones, Acupuincturist in CA.


Always Let us know if you have any questions. 

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Digestive Health Counceling Kitsap County

Chinese Medicine recognizes that a well functioning digestion is at the center of your health. Your digestion is like the engine of your car. It is responsible for Qi, Nutrition and Blood to your organs and muscles. 

Interestingly, Digestive Health isn’t usually the reason that people come to an Acupuncture treatment, but when going through the medical history, it usually comes up. The sad thing is that most people live with digestive problems when in TCM they are relatively easy to fix with a little treatment ,nutritional counseling and some tips on how to help support and strengthen our digestions.

Untreated Digestive Problems don't usually get better by themselves and can end up in Chronic Gastritis, Ulcers and serious intestinal disorders such as Diverticulitis and Colits. When the Spleen is weak, we see prolapse of organs (uterus, bladder, stomach), prolapse of the vagina as well as things like hemorrhoids (prolapse of the anus, PLUS bleeding also attributed to the Spleen).

We live in a Spleen deficient culture. We are constantly taking in information, and that information has to be processed by, you guessed it, the Spleen. We eat in front of the TV (taking in food, and stimulus at the same time), we are constantly looking at our mobile devices on the road and wherever we go, and we are always multitasking. Never doing just one thing at a time. And thus, we are overloading our poor Spleen.

Here are a few easy tips to help you get started on your own.

- Eat regular warm meals and avoid cold drinks!

- Eat mindful and chew your food!

- Eat according to the seasons!

Going Zero Waste Medicine Poulsbo, Kitsap County

Here at NatureWorks Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine almost nothing goes to the landfill. As there is no way in modern Medicine to go without sterilized packaging, the carbon footprint of an Acupuncture Clinic is minimal. All Acupuncture supplies are produced and shipped in minimal efficient packaging with multiple components per package. All packaging for Acupuncture and Herbs is ultimately recyclable.  Bottles for Herbal Prescriptions are sterilized and re-used many times. While used needles are considered a bio-hazard they could simply be melted down to become part of the metal recycling process in the future. The typical volume of needle waste of an average clinic is 1-2 Gal per year. An average Hospital produces 40 tons of medical waste a year (1). Although these statistics do not exist, Natureworks estimates that this equivalents to 4kg of waste per patient visit per year. This is compared to less than 1 gram of waste per patient visit per year at Natureworks.




Medicaid/Amerigroup Acupuncturist in Poulsbo, WA Poulsbo WA

Medicaid/Amerigroup Acupuncturist in Poulsbo, WA Poulsbo WA

New solutions to Medicaid Patients!

Amerigroup is one of the insurances you can sign up for on the Amerigroup started covering Acupuncture and Natureworks Acupuncture is authorized to treat Medicaid patients in-network. 


What can an Acupuncturist do for your health? When a patient walks into the Natureworks Acupuncture office for any health related issues we are getting excited because now you are entering a new path in maintaining your health. Acupuncture works on your nervous system and is excellent at removing pain and keeping in gone. Traditional Chinese Medicine is working on the "root" of your problem, together with Herbal Treatment. Chinese Massage and Qi Gong we got it all covered for you! Come and ask for your free Consultation.

Are you getting the Results your want?

Hi There, I often hear that people want to go "the natural way" when it comes to their health... The question is not so much natural or "unnatural" it is: what works for you! Are you getting the results you want with Western Medicine? Can they really heal you from Skin Disease, Infections, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Pain, Fibromialgia,  Irritable Bowl Syndrome and all the other disease labels?... or is Western Medicine just managing your Symptoms for years and years until all goes haywire? If you are on long term Medication and think you are healthy - think again! You need to deal with the root of the problem to really improve your health. Chinese Medicine is the only Medicine that can achieve long lasting changes. It simultaneously deals with the underlying physical, biochemical and psycho-emotional imbalances causing disease. The combination of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Tui Na Massage, Qi gong and Nutrition delivers a 'power pack' of therapy. Come and see a good Chinese Medical Doctor first and not last after you tried everything else...

Qi Gong Classes

A large number of Qi Gong styles are practiced today. Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Some people see Qi Gong as the oldest Martial Art. Even though there is no physical contact in Qi Gong exercise, a Martial Artist has to cultivate his or her own Qi before engaging with others.

Qi Gong will help you recognize the restrictions in your body and restore the free flow of blood and interstitial fluids for a proper function of vital cells and the immune system. It can help you find a way of moving with ease through your busy day, remove those stumble stones and take out the kinks.

Unlike Tai Ji, the Qi Gong exercises are quick to learn. Most poses or exercises are done in a standing posture, are easy to remember and you can do them anytime during the day on your own. Even the slightest movement done with a "Qi Gong" intention will transform your daily routine and improve you health. I will explain this concept during class. Especially for cancer patients Qi Gong has been proven to be a vital part of the healing process.

These are the styles I will cover:

  • Chan Si Gong focuses on upper body for neck and shoulder tension. These are very easy to do exercises even sitting at a desk.

  • Ba Gua and Tian Gang are all around upper and lower body strengthening exercises

  • Wu Xing is based on the 5 Element system and will strengthen your Yin Organ Metabolism and achieve hormonal balance. It is an excellent way of understanding more about Chinese Medical Theory.


Classes are held at the Nature Works Clinic, so space is limited to 6 to 7 per class for now, but please spread the word and we will make an effort to accommodate everyone. In addition there will be a free weekly sitting Meditation Class which will be announced in a separate invitation. If there is interest, we could also combine 30 min of Qi gong and/or simple yoga exercises with Meditation. Once it gets nicer outside (I know it will be a while) I will be doing classes outside on the large Marina Dock.